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Palermo is the undisputed pearl of Sicily, and there are not many reasons to be convinced to visit it. What see? The choice of interesting attractions is very rich. Why go? The reasons are endless ... What to do in the evening? Palermo has a nightlife that has nothing to envy to that of other centers more known to lovers of nightlife. The cities of Sicily are all wonderful, from Syracuse to Catania, but Palermo ... it's Palermo!

Festino Santa Rosalia Palermo 2018

Festino Santa Rosalia Palermo 2018 10 / 15 luglio – Palermo (PA) 394 ° Festino di Santa Rosalia, Patron of the City of Palermo. U fistìnu 2018. Traditional historical procession, in a mix of folklore and religion that finds its culmination in … Read More

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Palazzo Sant’Elia a Palermo

Palazzo Sant’Elia in Palermo ADDRESS: Via Maqueda 81 TELEPHONE: +39 091 8887767 TRANSPORTATION: buses 101, 104, 108 VISIT DURATION: 1 hour and 30 minutes approx Exhibition site for temporary exhibitions, the Palazzo of the Marquis of Santa Croce and then … Read More

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